Relaket Suppliers

Product sales and distribution network, we will ensure the relaket!

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  • Marketing and publicity costs
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  • Able to focus on product development
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Service Benefits
Recommended relaket
  • Professional seller with suppliers linked to difficulties in product sales
  • Secured through a variety of distribution channels for domestic and international sales channels linked
  • Saving time and costs associated with product sales and promotion
  • To foster sales through professional sellers, suppliers can focus on the more superior product development
Drop-shipping Service
B2B shipping agency brokerage service that connects suppliers and professional seller

Drop shipping center? Ipjeom suppliers registered products are being exhibited, professional sellers dedicated B2B relaket which you can select the products you wish to sell brokerage site

Operational processes
After the supplier has confirmed commodity price payment from a professional seller, shipped the goods to the end customer process
Ipjeom procedure
Operators that manufacture or distribute products such as brands, manufacturers, distributors Anyone

Even if you only promote products, we also help to secure new buyers from Relakete Relaket! You can start with Free.