• Shortcut to the success of your online business

    Integrated E-Commerce platform with one-stop service
    From store opening to wholesale business mediation, delivery agency, to Integrated market management

  • You don 't have to worry about starting a shopping mall that makes money easily, and you don't have to take time for easy operation! Where is it in the world? Selling bots can do it! MORE VIEW
  • Global online sales agency service for brands We suggest the optimal e-commerce strategy for brand company sales


Create an online store ?! RELAKET Standard help you quick and easy start

Whether you are a novice entrepreneur or a brand company that starts an online business
RELAKET Standard increases your chances of success online with smart, personalized services.

Expanding global business !? If you are a brand company, please consult with RELAKET Premium.

What if you could have a domestic shopping mall, an overseas shopping mall, a domestic market and an overseas market linkage system in the shortest period of time without any construction cost?
Relaket Premium solves the complex worries of brand companies at once.

A robot makes a sale !? Sourcing.Market Registration.Order.Shipping process automatically, Join Sellingbot .

Anyone, such as office workers, housewives, or students who have no experience in online shopping malls,
Unlock innovative business opportunities with market selling automated selling bots.

Mall for meetings!? Create shopping mall for companies, groups and clubs by Moimmall .

Invitation-only membership store for free,
If you apply now, we will make a shopping mall for your meeting.

What is Relaket?

Integrated e-commerce platform service designed
for successful online business for both individuals and businesses.

  • Easy It's easy and comfortable
    for anyone to use.
  • Integrated You can consolidate and manage essential functions in one place.
  • Connected Connect all networks
    in the e-commerce market.
  • Global It provides a business environment that can be sold at home and abroad.



One-Stop Service
at a Time

We have integrated existing on- and off-line distribution services into one online platform service.

a matchmaker
that connects

Match all users in domestic and overseas distribution channels to connect them in one network.

Integrating Individual E-Commerce Value Chains Presenting the future e-commerce model

A single platform-based racquet covers most of the global online distribution.


  • Product
  • Order
  • Shipping
  • Settlement

integrated SCM

  • Integrated Market Management System
  • Store / Edit Shop
  • Affiliate / Influencer Marketing
  • RELAKET SNS(together)
  • Drop shipping
  • BIZHOME/Office/PG

North America, Europe-E-Commerce Value Chain

Asia-E-Commerce Value Chain


the evolution to the ecosystem
beyond the platform

The company aims to establish a global distribution ecosystem
in which product data and information are shared and connected organically between Relaket services.